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Our services give you a 100% guaranteed Cleaning experience

Commercial Services

Will guarantee in setting a standard of cleanliness and safety for your employees, clients, and visitors. Most importantly, we provide you a customized cleaning schedule to ensure every aspect of the job is done how you want it and when you want it we promise to:

Our office cleaning include

Sanitization and Disinfection

 • Sanitizing means applying heat or chemicals necessary to kill most germs on a surface to the extent that they do not pose a health risk. Sanitizing is used on food surfaces such as dishes, utensils, cutting boards, food trays. Infant chairs, mouth toys, and pacifiers.

Disinfection means applying chemicals that kill almost 100% of the germs identified on the label. Disinfectants are used on surfaces for changing diapers, sinks, and toilets in bathrooms; high-risk areas such as doorknobs, cabinet handles, and drinking fountains; and surfaces that are contaminated with body fluids such as vomit or blood. A disinfectant has to remain on the surface for the recommended time of permanence, or it will not kill all germs.

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Why we are different


Our team is made up of a group of people trained to provide the highest quality service, with experience in cleaning service.


Through the cleaning service we seek to impact the quality of life of our people and of the collaborators of the companies where we provide our service.


by choosing a Green solution you can reduce the risk of spreading germs without exposing people to strong chemicals or gases. Many products leave chemical residues that can accumulate over time in your home.

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